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Alexa Is Having Trouble Understanding (11 Solutions)

If you’re using Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, you can control many different smart devices with your voice. You simply tell Alexa what you want her to do, and she takes care of it. How to fix Alexa when it is having problems understanding? Reboot your router. Switch it off by unplugging it from the power […]

5 Easy Steps To Transfer Ring Doorbell To A New Owner

A Ring Doorbell can significantly boost your home’s safety and privacy. If you want to buy a used Ring Doorbell and desire to reap these critical benefits, you need to transfer its ownership to yourself. Follow tried-and-tested tricks to minimize safety risks. Due to our expertise, we can help you to do this quickly. How […]

Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working(9 Fixes)

Ring Doorbell Live View is an important security feature that lets you stream videos and see everything happening around your home or outside your door in real-time. So, if it’s not working, your safety is at risk. What to do when Ring Live View isn’t working? You should check internet connectivity issues, troubleshoot wiring issues, update […]

Is Google an AI?(+All You Need To Know)

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a specialization in computer science that brings together a lot of different concepts to produce products that use what resembles human thinking and learning. There are different products that people are already familiar with within their daily lives, such as Google. Google has an AI ecosystem that has a number […]

Is Alexa Considered AI?(+All You Need To Know)

Smart home technology is becoming common in homes all over the world, and many of them are integrated to work with Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. They make life easier for people by allowing them to say, “Alexa,” followed by a request such as turning on the lights, finding a movie on TV, or unlocking the […]

Is Siri Considered AI?(+All You Need To Know)

Siri is an integral part of Apple devices, and many people use it to make tasks easier. Rather than looking up a phone number, users can ask Siri to call someone. Siri is a useful tool, and she helps people get things done more efficiently. Siri is a personal assistant that is powered by AI. […]